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International Family Law & Wealth Law : Customized Solutions for Every Situation

At LASSERRE & PARTNERS LAW FIRM, we pride ourselves on being a boutique Law Firm focusing on International Family and Estate Law.


Our vision brings together precision and excellence with an empathetic, results-driven approach tailored to the pivotal moments in our Clients' lives.

From the joyous occasions of birth and marriage to the complexities of separation, divorce, and international relocation, our team stands by our Clients every step of the way. Whether it's navigating French naturalization, Real Estate transactions, or international successions, we are committed to providing practical solutions with a global perspective.

With a wealth of experience in handling international disputes, we are key actors in resolving our Clients' most pressing concerns. At LASSERRE & PARTNERS, we don't just practice law – we empower our Clients to navigate life's transitions with confidence and peace of mind.


Véronique Oneyser-Lasserre


Véronique Oneyser-Lasserre is a French lawyer registered to the Paris Bar and Legal Consultant in the United Arab Emirates since 2015.


She has practiced in Paris, Switzerland, and Dubai, before establishing her own Firm in the United Arab Emirates in 2018.

Specialized in International Family Law, International Taxation, Estate Planning, and Succession, She developed a strong expertise through her prestigious career path and diverse international experiences.

She is also accredited as Draftsmen from the DIFC Wills Services in Dubai. She advises her clients with passion and tenacity to ensure their interests are safeguarded, while prioritizing amicable solutions to preserve the serenity of the families she assists.

She fluently speaks French, English, and Spanish.


Admitted to the Paris Bar (2013)

Paris Dauphine University - Paris (France)

University of Cergy-Pontoise (France)

Complutense University – Madrid (Spain)


Draftsmen – DIFC Wills Services – Dubai (UAE)



Inès EL HASSANI is an Associate and Legal Manager at Lasserre & Partners Law Firm. She is a Legal Consultant in the United Arab Emirates.


Inès has studied International Business Law and International Private Law. She has experience practicing in Paris, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.


Inès will attentively address her clients' needs and guide them with both patience and compassion. Her dedication to excellence and adaptability make her a powerful asset in the Law Firm.


Inès practices in both French and English.



Harvard Business School (USA)

Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Paris-Est Créteil University (France)


I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by LASSERRE & PARTNERS as a family law firm. The lawyer listened to my concerns and acted diligently to resolve my situation. She provided me with clear explanations of my rights and represented me professionally in court. I am grateful to have had her expertise at my side.

Thomas. L


International Family Law

Our Firm has been recognized for many years for its expertise in the field of International Family Law, which constitutes our main activity. 

The needs of expatriate families residing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are specific due to the importance of considering several legal systems, whose philosophy may differ significantly from the culture and law of the country of origin. 


Thus, our Firm accompanies and guides its clients to secure their choices and offer them a tailored strategy in various areas:

  • Recognition of paternity

  • Child Support

  • Filiation

  • Adoption

  • Organization of modalities of parental authority (establishment of children's residence, right of visitation and international accommodation, maintenance adapted to the international context)

  • Transfer of residence

  • Illegal displacement of children

Inheritance Law

Our Firm advises its clients on the choice of their tax residence, their expatriation and immigration to the United Arab Emirates, as well as their investments:

  • Drafting and Registration of Wills at DIFC Wills Services in Dubai

  • Drafting and Registration of Wills at ADJD in Abu Dhabi

  • Advice in drafting French wills for recognition in the United Arab Emirates.

Private Clients

Our Firm advises its clients on the choice of their tax residence, their expatriation and immigration to the United Arab Emirates, as well as their investments:

  • Assistance in the planning of heritage diversification

  • Legal and Tax assistance for investments abroad (France, Switzerland...)

  • Assistance in expatriation to or from the United Arab Emirates





Lasserre & Partners Law Firm is an independent Law Firm based in the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2018 by the Partner Véronique Oneyser-Lasserre.


The mission of the Firm is to assist expatriate families in various issues related to International Family and Estate Law, such as international marriages, relocation abroad, international divorces, and estate planning.


The Firm operates in the United Arab Emirates, primarily serving Clients based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with ties in France, Switzerland and many other countries.

Our vision combines rigor, excellence and empathy. Through our personalized approach, we support our Clients during the crucial moments of their lives, ensuring the preservation of their interests.


Our Firm benefits from a network of highly qualified and renowned experts, including lawyers in the United Arab Emirates as well as abroad, accountants, private bankers, and notaries. This network enables us to offer suitable solutions covering all aspects of tax, legal, civil and financial aspects.


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